Sunday, February 5, 2012

Solution to FaceBook TimeLine issue using its' own built-in functions.

How to make new FaceBook TIME LINE works as the old FACEBOOK.
(Re-Sizing back to Single Column format)

Lately, every FaceBook users have been desperately complaining about new TIMELINE format lately.

Now that they are going to make that change permanently beginning Feb 10th 2012,
every FB users are freaking out and trying to find a way to keep single column display which they are used to.

There are several ways to correct this through your browsers setting by adjusting or installing plug-ins but those are only going to change your display on the PC or MAC that being used, not for every friends or every other computer's displays.

I have just found the solution for re-displaying in Single Column Format without having to do anything to your browser and/or Computers' display functions of any Operation Systems or Browsers.

Here is how you do this.  

Every single posts of your own on your profile page have a Re-size Star button which located at the Right Up corner.

Clicking on that STAR will convert each posts from half column to full column.

This works great for Photos Or Video Links and it is re-adjustable at anytime.

For your friends' posts on your profile you can use Edit button which looks like a Pencil right next to STAR to Hide OR Delete from your Time Line, so it won't be visible on your Profile.

Now you and your friends will only see your Profile OR your own WALL the only way you want to see.

I hope this solution can bring many friends out of the misery.

Have Fun with the TimeLine.

Stop hating & have fun FaceBooking with new & unavoidable Time Line.

From California with love.


PS. Please note that artist Myo Chit Myanmar is not affiliated with FaceBook INC. and will not be responsible for any outcome of FaceBook's newest interface known as TimeLine.

Special thanks to Mr. Carlos Astudillo.